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In 3, 2, 1…

I’ve condensed several mini-rants I was working on in a long post. It’s 60% complete. It contains a lot of important information and a few clarifications.

Remember the outrage fatigue I had a while back? Well, now I’m going through overflowing murderous rage fatigue. It’s not that I have lost interest, just that it’s hard to concentrate and turn my thoughts/realizations into a coherent article when all I want is to go on a reverse-gynocidal spree.

ETA: It’s happened again. Just when it was almost complete, I’ve had a few other realizations, which means there are more paragraphs of important information to add. Twelve thousand words and counting. Yay me.


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“A darker me”? No, not really.

People have this ridiculous idea that because I’m ranty, sarcastic and curse a lot online I must be nice, polite and not at all opinionated offline. This is simply not true.
Among the few people who have had the misfortune to e-know me and then meet me, there is a consensus that I’m much, much worse in person. Take whichever thing I’ve said that made you butthurt. Then imagine that being said to your face in a loud, monotone voice by someone who is keeping a straight face, occasionally invading your personal space, who doesn’t let you get a word in edgeways and wiggles a finger on your face when interrupted in mid-sentence. Add a very short temper and the proneness to lose it at the minimum provocation on your interlocutor’s part, and you have a pretty good idea of what having a conversation with me IRL is like. Oh, I forgot to mention I have long nails and usually wear rings in all ten fingers.

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