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Non-believer, Islamophobe, anti-jihadist and not sorry.

Proud Anti-Dhimmi

Disagree? Racist! Infidelphobe!

Offended by this image? Racist! Kafirphobe! Murtadphobe! Imperialist! Far-right fascist!

Let me introduce another subject this space will contain: Islamorealism. This subset of religious fascists are the most dangerous enemy division in the war against women. Understanding what they are up to, how they operate and how to defeat them is crucial. Oh, and moderate Islam doesn’t exist. It’s a cover invented to deceive ignorant, gullible non-Muslims. It has been incredibly successful.

Click on the image to view its full-sized version. Picture put together by me, inspired by those lovely “Freedom go to Hell!” signs.

Works in progress: A disjointed rant. A long, disjointed rant about political opportunists, appropriators, fakers, cowards and wannabes, among other things. In this second rant I discuss how feminism has been watered down over the decades, the shitty fucked up politics I’ve witnessed in my brief time in ‘radical’ feminist-wannabe spaces, and what I think we real feminists should do in order to survive and carry out the counteroffensive.

I also have another safehouse. Feel free to drop by and take a look. Until the next time!

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Posted by on November 12, 2013 in Islamorealism, Rants, Resistance