UPDATE: Burning Out And Taking A Stand

01 Jul

I’m not dead. I’m just recovering from serial outrage/disappointment/despair fatigue. This is going to be a disjointed rant about why I burned out, with information about what I’ve been up to at the end. First, it was seeing fellow bloggers being silenced for not licking the boots of the Trans* Cult. Then, the liberal takeover of several political movements (read: the so-called ‘radical feminist’ blogosphere) I’m part of. Then I got to witness the sheer level of hypocrisy, opportunism, defeatism, narcissism, backstabbing, disingenuousness, reformism in disguise, capitulation, groupthink, cowardice by any other name, deluded idealism and many other repulsive attitudes in those same movements.

Then it was the time travelling. Morons calling political movements they feel threatened by “white and middle class”, “privileged” and “elitist”? It stopped being original in the 1960s. Real feminism being co-opted by women who are not and have no interest in being feminists, by liberals, by idiots who think it’s cool/trendy and by all sorts of human rejects? It has been happening since the early 1970s, if not earlier. Opportunists barging into political movements where they don’t belong and destroying them has been fairly common throughout history. It’s really depressing.

The whole “white and middle class” ad hominem never ceases to outrage me. I’ll take thirty middle class folks who are serious about their politics and willing to take action over all of the ineffectual entitled fuckheads who use their social class and/or skin color as a badge of honor and a Get Out Of Being A Human Being Free Card.

Newsflash: your Magical Venn Diagrams, Privilege Checklists™ and attempts to ~include~ everyone do nothing for me. Other than wanting to strangle you, that is. Those evil women-who-only-care-about-women did. They helped me understand the real world and how to survive in it. So stop patting yourselves on the back and take your vapid, narcissistic, space-wasting liberal ramblings elsewhere, along with your Oppression Olympics. Thank you.

There’s another thing that I absolutely can’t stand. It never fails to get me in a mood to wreck faces, and it’s everywhere. Leaders, echelons and hierarchies. I’ve said this before, and I will rant about it again and again in the future, trust me: they are useless, destructive and counter-revolutionary. Self-absorbed, power-hungry people and their devoted followers will never revolutionize the world. Moreover, nobody, no matter how brilliant charismatic and skilled, has the right to lead. You are not fucking special. You don’t deserve to be worshipped. Deal with it and grow the fuck up. If all you want is attention, free ego-inflating sessions and a cult following that’s fine: do what you want. But don’t call it political activism, because it’s not.

On to a couple of other things I can’t stand. As you already know, I hate liberals and reformists with a passion. I also hate pacifists / people who advocate non-violence. I will explain my position on violence and why these folks irritate me so much at length in the future. In short: political activists should make plans and use tactics that are based in reality, not in fantasies or ideals. Hierarchies cannot be maintained without using violence, and they can never be destroyed without using violence. Turning the other cheek is a luxury some of us don’t have.

Back to our dirtbag-infested political movements, and the disgusting characteristics they have…

Veterans and giants who are above critique. Friends and cronies who are above critique too. Renowned activists you’re not allowed to disagree with. Friends and cronies to whom the same standards other activists have to follow don’t apply.

The weird belief that not agreeing with any of the points and goals of a political movement you claim to be part of doesn’t matter because what really matters is your “activism”. Said activism doesn’t include serious things that would accomplish something, like assassinations, sabotage, stealing equipment and information, or spying on your enemies. No, it consists of marching down the street with signs, shouting catchy slogans and preaching to the choir.

Oh, and the crackdown on dissent, can’t forget the brutal crackdown on dissent. This is why I fled liberal-dominated spaces in the first place: liberals are supposed to be open-minded, but if you disagree with them they’ll demonize you, attempt to silence you, and eventually ostracize you. Turns out faux-radicals love silencing and ostracizing dissidents as well.

And for the few of us who are real feminists and very serious about it…

We need to stop spouting the lies. We need to stop saying that femininity improves a woman’s chances of survival, or that there is a single thing good about it and the traits associated with it. We need to stop telling ourselves that progress has been made and that reformism will work. We need to stop acting as if we had all the time in the world – we have up to the end of this century, at the most. We need to stop pretending, telling ourselves and telling others, that we don’t hate men. There must be something really wrong with a woman if she doesn’t hate men. There must be something especially wrong with a woman if she knows what we know, has seen what we have seen, and doesn’t hate men. We need to stop watering down, dumbing down and castrating our liberation movement in order to make it more appealing to spineless, self-hating, status-quo-invested women: it’s a pointless, useless project, and it does our movement a disservice. We need to stop spouting lies, wishful thinking and nonsense and start acting like what we are: a resistance movement engaged in a globe-spanning counter-offensive. We’re not trying to solve all of the world’s problems, or pursuing equality (a pretty meaningless term in itself) for equality’s sake, or pursuing justice. We’ve set out to end, nay, win men’s war against us.

I haven’t run out of things to say. On the contrary, there are a lot unfinished articles waiting in my hard drive, and a lot of things I plan to talk about. In no particular order:

Pacifism, and why it’s a luxury women don’t have.

The implications of womb transplants for women as a class.

Cultural relativism, and why it’s not reasonable or fair – and why it’s racist as fuck.

The psychology of XX Trans* Bootlickers

Why do so many women who are not ignorant or naive validate trannies’ delusions of being women?

The mythology of prostitution

Why do so many women who are not ignorant see prostitution in a positive light?

Purging feminism of leftist hogwash


Against equality in the difference

The “women are biologically handicapped so society should make up for it” model and why it’s not feminist in any way.

Traits of authoritarian organizing

Hierarchies, leaders, ranks, centralized control, and why any revolutionary political movement that employs them is destined to fail.

I’m also going to talk about separatism. I’m so sick of hearing that working-class women/non-white women/((insert group of women you don’t belong to)) “can’t” be separatists, because my interactions with other separatists prove it to be bullshit. This blatant reversal of reality reminds me of the myth that all childfree people are rich, shallow young people who spend most of their time partying.

I’m also going to share a lot of what I’ve learnt about biology, nutrition, exercise, general history and such: because you deserve to know these things. Including those oh-so-unimportant, boring subjects that affect us non-trannies: how to get rid of period cramps, how to chart your cycles, DYI emergency contraception, how to get your tubes tied if you’re under thirty and childfree. I mentioned being hospitalized a few posts back, remember? I don’t regret my sterilization. Finding a doctor that would do the procedure was an uphill battle, and if I had to I’d do it all over again. Oh, and by the way “post tubal ligation syndrome” is a myth made up by doctors who profit from tubal reversals.

The contemporary feminist-wannabe* movement, including the radical-wannabe variety, is very obviously not going anywhere, so I’m going to launch an informal international organization with a political program, strategies and theory** that actually intends to go somewhere. I’ve seen what happens when you let anyone join an organization: liberalism takes over, vital goals get eroded and forgotten, and finally the movement falls apart from within. For this reason, the requirements to join will be quite strict. If you’re as tired of the different flavours of nonsense I’ve ranted about before as I am, you probably won’t have any problems. Don’t expect it to have leaders or pissing contests about who is more oppressed, that goes without saying.

I’m also going to drop the niceness, the Liberal Correctness and the respectful language – my respect has to be earned. Painfully. Stay tuned and good luck with whatever it is you’re writing/researching/working on. And because I’m in a good mood, I’m opening the comments. Until the next time!

* Feminist means something. If you want me to call you that, earn it.

** Don’t be intimidated by the word ‘theory’, it won’t be rocket science or quantum physics, and it’ll be written in plain English. I’m going to tell you what I’ve found out, without tact and without censorship.

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