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06 Feb

If my rejection of Intersectional Bullshit™ hurt your feelings, stop reading my blog. Clear your cache, avoid my space like the plague, ignore me. It will be better for all of us, trust me.

Because I am not confused, I am certain. It’s not that I “don’t understand” (HAHAHAHA, yeah right), and I won’t change my mind. There is absolutely no wiggle room. I will mock this bullshit, the other types of Snowflake Analysis, all the Special Snowflake “Feminism”(s) floating around and their fanatics a lot in the future. Sex-positives, Social Justice Warriors and the Trans* Cult too, that goes without saying.

If you post a rebuttal don’t expect me to read it, let alone reply. I will not “debate” you for the same reasons I will not debate MRAs, creationists and climate change deniers. My time is valuable.

Oh, SJWs: stop calling any feminist who isn’t white/Western a “womanist”. A lot of them want nothing to do with that bullshit ideology and are pretty angry about morons like you slapping the label on them to support your bullshit agendas. Likewise, stop calling non-straight people “queer”. A lot of us don’t call ourselves queer and want nothing to do with that cesspool of a community/movement – if we had a hammer, we’d smash it.

There, don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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