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04 Feb

Most of the videos hosted in the Cesspool of Youtube are just wasting space, but sometimes you stumble across interesting stuff. Attention: most of these videos aren’t safe for work.

Trafficking, Prostitution And Inequality [link]. (Length: 1 hour and 27 minutes) A public lecture by the brilliant Catharine A. MacKinnon. Very informative. It contains a lot of material to debunk the pro-prostitution arguments as well.

Against Pornography: The Feminism of Andrea Dworkin [link]. (Length: 47 minutes) A documentary about Andrea’s anti-porn activism. There are testimonies of prostitution survivors, and Andrea explains the importance of dissecting/understanding pornography for feminists as well as why the industry must be destroyed entirely. Warning: mentions of sexual torture/violence, including child abuse and incest.

The internal clitoris [link]. (Length: 3 minutes) Exactly what it sounds like.

Feminazi, anti-sex and NOW transhate [link]. (Length: 4 minutes) Very apt breakdown of the “radical feminists are ~transphobic~” bullshit. He also points out how validating deluded Trans* Snowflakes is not feminists’ responsibility.

I will rant about this is the future, but just to clarify I’m a strict materialist and as anti-trans as can be. That’s right, I said anti-trans, with absolutely no wiggle room. I don’t like the euphemism “trans-critical”. Capitulation doesn’t work anyway. Pro-woman and anti-trans, pro-WSW and anti-Queer Alphabet Soup. Pro-radical, structural and class-based analysis and anti- snowflake-based analysis (post-modernism, ~*~intersectionality~*~, liberalism, etc). Which brings us to…

Intersectionality (amongst other things) is Bullshit [link]. Old but good post critical of that “theory”. She mentions that the term gets used to stifle dissent in faux-radical cricles and to silence women. Which is absolutely true.

Ignore and defend the male: the trap of intersectionality [link]. This post is in French, but translating it with Google Translate works just fine. A very detailed analysis of what is wrong with intersectionality, both in theory and in practice. I don’t agree with everything she says, (I think she is too charitable to the theory and its fanatics) but she makes a lot of great points.

I will post a complete, thorough debunking of this worthless garbage of a “theory” in the near future. Right now, I am too disgusted and enraged. Maybe some day I will be able to read/hear that word without greeting the nearest wall with a closed fist. In short: it’s misogynistic gaslighting. I don’t “agree” with any of it, in any way, shape or form. As a person who experiences several forms of domination, it does nothing for me other than waste my time and irritate me.

I will also denigrate sociobiology and bad science in the near future. There are many upcoming strident rants, indeed. Until the next time!

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