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18 Feb

General rules

-Write in English, with proper spelling, grammar, punctuation, and paragraph spacing.

-Use the metric system when specifying units.

-DON’T LINK OFFSITE DIRECTLY. Use a bastardized version of the URL text. I recommend adding spaces.

-If your comment contains any of the following, either in the text or as part of the content you’re linking to: 1) Threats 2) Incitation to violence 3) Copyrighted material 4) Someone else’s personal information (i.e. real name, real life address, work address) it will not be published.

-If your comment shows you haven’t read the whole post, or that you haven’t understood the post, I won’t publish it.

-If your comment is shorter than ten words or almost as long as the post, I probably won’t publish it.

Style rules

-Be brief. Get to the point and don’t ramble.

-Be readable.

* Don’t use gratuitous acronyms and abbreviations.

* Keep technical jargon to a minimum.

* Keep slang to a minimum.

* Avoid Thesauritis.

* Don’t write like you were born before the 20th Century.

-Using profanity and being vulgar are fine, but don’t overdo it.

Content rules, general


-Don’t import drama.

-Don’t start a shitstorm or flamewar here. Take it to your own blog.

-Comments that are abusive or libelous towards me will be deleted. No exceptions.

Content rules, specific

-The purpose of comment sections in my blog is to have an intelligent conversation. This isn’t a debate blog. If I think a certain comment adds nothing to the conversation, I may delete it, even if it doesn’t break the rules. Deal with it.

-Comments that contain blatant falsehoods and/or opinions presented as facts will be deleted.

-Back up your claims (as opposed to your opinions) with evidence whenever possible. Referencing peer-reviewed studies, scientific papers, books written by experts, talks, and similar material is highly recommended.

Groups that aren’t well-received here

This is a female-only space. I NEVER publish comments by men. Trust me, I can tell when someone is a man pretending to be a woman online.

There are certain groups I have no desire talk to/argue with. In no particular order: non-feminist women, Social Justice Clowns, cultural relativists, religious people, parents.

Spam filter

If your comment doesn’t break any of the rules and it didn’t show up try wording it differently. My spam filter contains a lot of popular buzzwords.

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